Attention: Anyone interested in starting a real
international Export Brokerage Business ; and
turning it into a thriving cash pumping stream of
How You Can Start
And Successfully Run
An Online Export
Brokerage Business
in Nigeria Without
Any StartUp Capital
And Make Up To N1,
250,000 to N3,
450,000 In A Single
…No Business Premises; No Customs Procedures;
No Capital Needed!
Pay close attention and in the next few minutes,
you’ll discover how to:
Brokerage and export deal in high scale
without owing the agric products or going to
farm. You simply bring buyers and sellers
together and get paid big money.
What’s more, you’ll learn the best kept secret
of successful export brokers… How you can easily
get your first export contract from UK, USA,
Kenya, South Africa etc
How to get paid for simply bringing buyer to
the seller (even if they didn’t seal the contract,
you still get paid)
Truth is…
There is no Nigerian that is willing to teach fellow
Nigerians how to make money from Export
Brokerage Business. So, the opportunity is here
for you to learn from not just a talker but a doer
of the business …and trust me, it’s really not as
hard as you think.
In fact, I’d like to dispel a few myths about Export
Brokerage Business …
MYTH #1 : People tell you, Export Brogerage
involves more paperwork & Big Capital – LIES !
FACT: You bring buyers and sellers together and
get paid huge sum. – No Capital !
MYTH #2 : They say, you have to go Abroad to
sign papers in person.
FACT: You neither see nor sign A single export
MYTH #3 : You need ‘connection’ to get your first
FACT: Except internet connection; no other
needed !
MYTH #4 : They lie that you have to have tons of
CASH to export.
FACT: No cash needed except money for recharge
card and internet.
Look, I’ve been in this business for over 2 years
and I’ve made all the mistakes anyone ever could
but I’ve had some successes along the way too…
“Look all I do are these three things…
#1: I find a group of business owners who
wants to bring in a specific product.
#2: Then I find another group of business
owners who sell this particular product.
#3: Then I link the two of them together
(the importer and the exporter) and I get
That’s the way the game works in the exporting
world… You start to see why this is the Greatest
Business on Earth ?
You started to see it’s one of the easiest
businesses you can start today, that won’t leave
a hole in your pocket, yet be able to make you
unbelievable cash…?
It is… and it’s so easy, you can do this… I
All you need is some basic knowledge of how it
all works …
It is the same business that got Aliko Dangote
“My Grandfather got me
started in the export
Brokerage business.
He gave me a loan of
=N=500,000 which I
really didn’t need. And
I paid it back in six
Let me quickly remind you that this
‘brand new ’ business requires:
ü no investment,
ü no start up capital ,
ü no experience and definitely,
ü needs no physical office ever.
Think such a business does not exist?
So Easy You Mean?
Okay, I know what you’re probably thinking
You are likely saying to yourself… But I’ve heard
or bought into various products from people who
claim to show you how to start Export Brokerage
Business , but it didn’t work.
The truth is, it takes a selfless man like me, who
has got the love of his fellow citizens at heart to
share his secrets …
Forget those men in suits selling you half baked
information… truth is some of them are into this
business and only scratched the surface…. They
don’t know where the real money is which is
what I am going to share with you.
Export Brokerage Is A Big Time Business
That Just A Single Deal Can Bring You
N1.7million in Profit…!
Get online and search for companies interested in
Nigerian goods.
Get a farmer to supply these products (too many
farmers to choose from)
Buyer and seller agree on the fees and mode of
payment / transport.
You get paid your own Percentage without lifting
any fingers.
Chances are you have done research online and
saw some information that you need gazillion
papers to start your first export brokerage
business; I’m sorry but you’ve been misled .
I’m Ready To Share The Secrets With You
When I decided to research online about the
companies buying goods from Nigeria.
Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good lead.
Then I rushed to my mentor
This time around, he was in far away Canada
attending a conference on Export Brokerage
business – never knew that business can take you
all over the world!
He got back 7 (seven) days after and he decided
to show me the real secret provided I will give
him 10% from my first export business.
Before you say Jesus is Lord, I accepted the offer
and he showed me the secret.
Now, my first export business gave me N1, 459,
000 in profit. That means I gave him N 145, 900.
But don’t get scared, you’re not even
paying 10% of what I paid and the sweat I
invested in this business.
Are You Still With Me?
Before you continue reading, I have a Guide on
this business for serious minded individuals
But before I go to that Book aspect. Let me give
you some secrets you need to know about export
brokerage business.
Your first business might take you up to 4 days
before you see a potential buyer
This is the business that will take you all over the
world (just like me)
You work from home without seeing either the
buyer or seller
All contract papers is between buyers and sellers
I know you’re so much interested in this business
and cannot wait to lay your hands on the guide.
Okay good… here we go
I have decided to show just 50 Nigerians
how to start their Export Brokerage
Business and make as much as N750, 000
from their first deal. This is not a go-
come stuff. You get it right and you get
paid hugely.
Payments Like This:
And Even This HUGE Amount in a single
day? This is damn crazy thing mehn!!!
Even More: Notice The Dates!!!
Do you need just a single contract that will
make you a millionaire?
Do you want to travel the world on invitation
from world top business owners with 100%
assurance of getting your visa?
Do you want to get paid at the comfort of
your home and work at your own convenient
What does an extra N750, 000 mean to you?
…and the best part is you choose when you
work, whom to deal with and you’re the boss of
your own!
..:: Up till now, the only way to really learn this
business is to belong to cabals of the big time
Export Brokers; spending as high as N150, 000 –
N300, 000 to join the club so they can show you
the nitty-gritty of export business.
Not Anymore…
Yeah, like I said earlier, I have gone ahead to
write a comprehensive eBook (and special
bonuses) for you to learn the secrets behind this
Highly Lucrative Business.
The Ultimate Export Brokerage Business
Inside The Ultimate Export
Brokerage Guide, You’ll Learn…
How to get your first export brokerage deal
and profit massively from it . This guide will teach
you all you need to know on starting your own
million-dollar export brokerage business without
any capital involved.
How to easily ‘Bring together” & convince the
Buyer and the Seller
The best way to reply mails and seal your first
contract. These secrets are highly needed and the
best thing is for you to follow my e-mail writing
How to avoid time wasters who are only after
your information
How to detect a fake export brokerage
business and sites before you commit your time
or internet connection.
How to receive your payment with peace of
mind. Without wasting any sweat.
How to determine hot in demand products that
are guaranteed to sell. Going for the wrong
products will make you hit the rock like most
people that have ventured into this business with
half information.
One important thing you must do in order to
succeed… Miss this, and be ready to turn to the
all sorrowful Export Broker.
How to travel the world with me to any country of
your choice. Once you’re grounded in this
business, you will understand how easy it is to
get visa to anywhere in the world. Any embassy
you tender docs to will issue you visa
And lots more …
I think you get the points now!
Ready To Make That Decision Of A Lifetime?
Here’s How To Get Your Copy of The
Export Brokerage Business Guide:
OPTION 1: Bank Deposit
STEP ONE: Make a deposit
of =N= 4, 997 into
account name Daniel Sunday Ekanem
account number 3351160820
after payment send the following details
date paid
email address
teller number
to 08158066623
Before you order, I want to inform you that I also
wrote a short book on my personal experience
exporting Nigerian food stuffs on a small scale.
I did that on almost monthly basis and my N20,
000 investment ALWAYS yield at least 500%
profit! This guide is included in the package if you
order now!
Best Wishes,
daniel sunday ekanem


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